4 steps to a financially AND personally rewarding business!

Learn how to create maximum impact in your service business while getting paid handsomely to do it.

Fact: You have a special skillset that people in this world want. They not only want your unique skillset,they need it, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to get access to it.

Fact: You can charge premium prices and still do work that is personally fulfilling, and that creates positive impact on the world.It’s from those two simple facts that The 4 Phases to a Premium Service Business guide was built.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and harness your money making super-powers in your business.
  • How to identify your niche or “sweet-spot,” allowing you to shift from just another competitor to a market of one.
  • How you can become more valuable than money to the right person, allowing you to charge premium prices.
  • Why "you must have advertising" is a myth, and how you can create systems to ensure a steady stream of customers

This guide has been designed to follow a specific order, establishing the fastest path to sustainable cashflow. Phases One and Two will help you identify and remove the blockages that are sabotaging your business. In Phase Three and Four, you'll add processes and systems designed to amplify your superpowers and automate customer attraction.

I gave a simplified spoken version of this guide to a gentleman over a beer. Four months later he called to say that he had doubled his net profits and cut his working hours by 25%.

No fancy coaching is necessary — these concepts are enough.If you’re struggling to find clients for your service business and afraid to charge the prices that you know you’re worth even when you do get them, then this guide was designed for you.

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$15,000 after 1st session

Christopher helped me understand the strength of my position as an expert and using that to negotiate better deals (other people have a problem, lose control, that's why they hire an expert). He guided me to close a $15,000 gig on my terms when the client started to set the terms. These created a conflict with my values so I had to negotiate to be able to deliver. It is in the clients best interested that I can work well under my conditions.

You are persistent as a coach and you help discover 2-3 simple things to implement that have high impact. You like to help make money, instead of just feeling good.

Chris Dietrich Founder / CEO Checkflow Ltd.

Wisdom from Christopher runs through my head every day

Christopher is remarkably patient and level-headed thinker and strategizer. It is this quality, alongside the unquestionable intelligence and knowledge, which set him apart. Before working with Chris I didn't value myself properly and this prevented me from setting and maintaining boundaries, stopping me from reaching new heights personally and professionally. If you want to change your life--both the outlook and the outcomes--hire Christopher

Jake George Schuster CEO Well Traveled Wellness and Doctoral Scholar at Sports Performance Research Institute New Zeland

Doubled my income

I've made huge gains in my business since joining, double my income within only a few months of working with him [Christopher] and being totally clear now on what I want in my life. Now I only work with the clients I want.

Julian Juenemann Google Tag Consultant

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