$15,000 after 1st session

Christopher helped me understand the strength of my position as an expert and using that to negotiate better deals (other people have a problem, lose control, that's why they hire an expert). He guided me to close a $15,000 gig on my terms when the client started to set the terms. These created a conflict with my values so I had to negotiate to be able to deliver. It is in the clients best interested that I can work well under my conditions.

You are persistent as a coach and you help discover 2-3 simple things to implement that have high impact. You like to help make money, instead of just feeling good.

Chris Dietrich Founder / CEO Checkflow Ltd.

Doubled my income

I've made huge gains in my business since joining, double my income within only a few months of working with him [Christopher] and being totally clear now on what I want in my life. Now I only work with the clients I want.

Julian Juenemann Google Tag Consultant

You are having a huge impact for me in my career and my character

You are having a huge impact for me in my career and my character, something you already know but needs to be said. I'm definitely doing the impossible this year, thanks to God's relentless pursuit of me and His good grace; thanks to quality choices and effort on my own part; and thanks to a solid team of mentors of which you are a principal voice of wisdom, level-headedness, aspiration, and confidence. It has been quite a ride and we are only getting started. Super grateful for who you are and what you do.

Ryan Smith App Development & Data Architect

Zero to $15,000 / Month

I went from no traffic to $15,000/month in online sales in one quarter with his help & I consider myself an Internet Marketing coach to my entrepreneur clients. Christopher has been my coach for 5 years. He keeps me relentlessly client and benefit focused and helps me continuous tweak ... strategies. This year we will break $1 million in sales.

Dike Drummond Founder / The Happy MD

Wisdom from Christopher runs through my head every day

Christopher is remarkably patient and level-headed thinker and strategizer. It is this quality, alongside the unquestionable intelligence and knowledge, which set him apart. Before working with Chris I didn't value myself properly and this prevented me from setting and maintaining boundaries, stopping me from reaching new heights personally and professionally. If you want to change your life--both the outlook and the outcomes--hire Christopher

Jake George Schuster CEO Well Traveled Wellness and Doctoral Scholar at Sports Performance Research Institute New Zeland

I've made huge gains in my business since joining, tripling my income within only a few weeks of working with him and being totally clear now on what I want in my life.

Alex Mathers Illustrator

You had me at hello

Before starting with you I was skeptical about coaching being worth it. You really impressed me on the first call with how insightful you were with my company and personality. You gave very helpful input even though we just met -- and that was all for free. When talking to other entrepreneurs who are considering coaching, the absence of a free initial call - and not just a "hello" chat but a valuable call serving a purpose - and a strong clear no-guilt refund policy for the first month makes it a hell of a lot harder to know if it will be worth it.

It has been.

I like that you're very sharp and can quickly get up to speed with the new projects or ideas I share during our calls. I've been in enough mastermind groups to really value the fact that you don't require a lot of explanation and show-and-tell before we can get stuck into the meat of what I actually need help with.

We have a business relationship but I never have the sense you're counting the pennies or treating me like just another customer. I like that you provide a mix of advice (i.e. telling me your own thoughts) and coaching (i.e. drawing out my own thoughts).

Christopher Sutton Director