The short upside to getting revenge like a sociopath

Last night I kicked it on the couch and rewatched The Count of Monte Christo.

The main character Edmond Dantes goes on a sociopath warpath after getting kicked in the nuts by his best buddy, who steals his smoking hot girlfriend.

If you haven’t read the book by Alexander Dumas, I don’t just recommend it.

It is required reading for any man who doesn’t want to be beaten down by life and a-holes.

This true masterpiece is a how-to guide on killing off the internal wimp to never be taken advantage of again.

Our main dude Eddy is framed and sent to island prison Chateau d’If. (Which is French for “House of you’re f****d for life.), where he pleads his innocence to the douchebag magistrate.

El douchebag says “I know you are innocent. The only people sent here are those they (the powers that be) are embarrassed about.”

Edmond is innocent in two ways….
*** Not committing a crime
*** Not having wisdom (being naïve)

His lack of wisdom got him screwed; cuz the world is not kind for those who lack wisdom.

For 7 years at Chateau d’If, Eddy lamented his life thinking he was worthless, forgotten and his personal desires foolish. Nobody cared or remembered him… at least that is what he thought.

He had no wisdom to think otherwise……

Here is your first lesson my fellow world changer.

A lack of wisdom makes you feel worthless ESPECIALLY if you have been screwed over once. It keeps you trapped in prison. Being naïve makes you think SMALL!

You live in your fears….

When you live in fear, you can’t live in your dreams.

Fear makes you think you are not good enough right now.

That is exactly where Edmond was until the Priest accidently bust through his prison-cell floor. Padre promises wisdom in exchange for Edmond’s help in tunneling out. But it will take a lot more time.

Wisdom is like that…

It will help you get everything you want, if you are willing to do the work.

Jump cut 14 years forward.

Edmond breaks out of prison with a headful of worldly wisdom.

Never again does he live in fear or wonder if he has what it takes to make it in the world on his own.

He plots his revenge with sociopath precision. He takes each person who put in him in prison by out entrapping them with the same tactics used on him not caring about the collateral damage

But there is a cost to his time and soul…

While he didn’t do anything lawfully wrong, his desire of revenge had no meaning. Revenge makes us think we have to do it on our own.

He nearly loses himself until ex-hot-girlfriend and a new best friend remind him dreams are only complete dreams if when they are shared with others.

He could have gotten everything he wanted WAY earlier if he let others help him

And that is final lesson fellow world changer..

The ultimate fear we all have to overcome is believing our desires are good enough to share with others.

This is where worldly wisdom intersects soul wisdom.

I promise you whatever your desires are, at the core of them, is a kernel of soul-truth many others already share with you.

Here are my final questions to you.

Are you living in some kind of fear?
Do think you don’t have what it takes to make it?
Have you wondered if what you want, is good enough for others to share with you?
Are you caught in the small thinking you have to do it all on your own (to prove something.. to someone…)?

The smallest yes to any of these means to seek out more wisdom for your head and soul.

Until next Monday

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